Know Fare Scavenger Hunt has created a scavenger hunt to find participating dining establishments in Pickens County. The hunt will last until March 31, 2011 and contestants with all the correct answers will be placed into a drawing for a ‘Know Fare’ gift basket valued at $500. The drawing will be held at the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce breakfast on April 12th.

Identify the locations by the clues below and submit the answers online here, fax the form to 706-692-1167 or mail to:, PO Box 1134, Jasper, GA 30143.

  1. What restaurant has the most TV’s and how many?
  2. Find this phrase and fill in the blank: “When life gives you lemons make _______”.
  3. Where can you find Johnny Appleseed?
  4. No car insurance here but there is a gecko painted on the wall.
  5. Find the smoking Scottish sight-impaired dart-throwing squirrel.
  6. The roosters are perched awaiting your entrance.
  7. Go eat and have a Moretti (if age 21 or older) with Mona Lisa.
  8. They ring a replica Titanic bell when things get exciting.
  9. A specially trained man’s best friend helps others ‘See’.
  10. This establishment had tables long before it was a restaurant.
  11. It’s not an illusion; the waterfall is actually moving in the picture.
  12. Don’t take the donkey because “We’ll call you a cab”.
  13. Take your veteran photo to add to their collection.
  14. Occupy your waiting time with their table tops.
  15. What color is the Chevrolet truck pictured in front of the original building?
  16. They have a frequent dining utensil program.
  17. Napa valley barrels are above the trees.
  18. The Purple Martin is their mascot.
  19. Sure-nuff hot here.
  20. You’re sure to catch a European buzz.
  21. This is how they ‘Roll’… with 26 of them.
  22. Find the suspended flat rolling a HOG.
  23. This really defines TV tables.

Download form and submit answers here –


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