Busy week

This past week has been a whirlwind with activity in Pickens County.   The first of the month is always busy with the goverment meetings and now adding original content to the site.

We did an article, photos and video on the Adult Detention Center (Jail) in Pickens County.  It was really interesting  and expect to do more feature articles on various duties of the Sheriff’s office as well as other interest to keep people ‘in the know’.   We were able to video and photographi some of the officers with their Pepper Spray training and will get go to the taser training on March 29.  Here is link to article:  http://www.knowpickens.com/photos/adultdetention11.asp

Saturday night was Mardi Gras and KnowPickens.com was asked to take photos of people as the come in door and print them for sale at the end of the night.  The proceeds went to the charities that hosted the event but many thought that we were profiting from it.   It was stressful because of the setup and it took away from Mari’s fluttering.   For those that left before they were printed, please look for your photo at the link below and we’ll get you a printed copy.  http://www.knowpickens.com/photos/mardigras11.asp

The Know Fare Scavenger hunt is well underway and Mari Livsey went on North Georgia Now with Cherie Martin and Bill Siniard to talk about the event.   The questions are harder than I thought since Cherie was unable to get one correct.   We’ll start giving clues on Facebook later this week.   We’ve yet to get the first entry.   The video from the show will be available later on KnowPickens.com for those that missed it.


About KnowPickens.com

KnowPickens.com was an act of faith without a clear direction and keeps falling together. If no one used it then it would be useless. Thanks for everyone that keeps encouraging me.
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